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Roche Ranches Inc. / J6 Ranches is a working cattle/sheep ranch registered in Garland, Utah. Roche Ranches specialties include: Livestock, big game hunting, rock products, clean energy and recreation. We are located at 17100 N 6000 W in Garland, Utah just 70 miles north of Salt Lake City. Just 5.5 miles north from the I-84/I-15 split in Tremonton, UT. On I-15 North, take the Logan/Riverside exit (#385) and go .3 miles east and take a left. We are 2.1 miles north on 6000 W.

Premier Ranches

Roche Ranches Inc. has ranches in Nevada, Idaho, Arizona and Utah. Roche Ranches adapts to new business trends and innovations, and strives to improve their business operations so that they can stay competitive in the national and global spectrum. Roche Ranches considers potential business opportunities, and offers within the same industries of any of our business entities including: livestock, rock products, recreation, clean energy, recreation, and hunting.


Roche Ranches Inc. currently has 1500 head of cow/calf pairs and 5000 head of sheep on both public and private lands consisting close to a million acres,  Through our breeding and genetics we have converted to the "seed stock" business as part of our operation. We changed our business plan to consist of high quality, strategically balanced pure bred animals with hybrid vigor focusing on Angus and Simmental genetics. We currently sell in the neighborhood of 75 head of pure bred bulls and heifers annually.

Roche Ranches Inc. likes to hang their hat on their premium livestock and take pride on their "Durable Cattle with Quality Genetics." Roche Ranches has been in the cattle and sheep business through four generations. We believe the best way to stay profitable is to take advantage of crossbreeding, especially maternal heterosis, and quality research proves that. Maternal heterosis is the most valuable tool available to improve cow performance and herd profitability. With the low heritability of maternal traits, like fertility and longevity, a breeder can spend a lifetime trying to make the same progress for those crucial traits that can be realized in one easy cross. Studies show an equivalent of 1 to 1.5 extra calves over the lifetime of a female in favor of crossbred cattle because of the combination of greater longevity and extra calf weaning weight. If we could purchase a pharmaceutical that added that much performance and profit there is little doubt that producers would stand in line all day to buy some.

We are trying to change the notion of everybody scrambling to go all over the country to get the "so called" best overpriced breeds when we have them in our backyard. It is true that we buy high quality livestock all over the country, but then we hope to provide them to you at a discount and convenience. We believe that we have some of the best genetics around to improve your reproduction, growth, and carcass traits in your cattle.

The other half of our livestock business consists of 5000 head of range ewes/lambs, and 250 head of black face sheep. Similar to the cattle operation we have converted over to the seed stock business also with our sheep. We have range buck rams for sale focusing on Rambouillet, Columbia, Texel, Hampshire, Suffolk, and South African Marino crosses. We also on a limited basis have "ready-to-go" ranch trained registered colts and border collies.

Rock Products

Roche Ranches Inc. can also provide you with rock products and landscaping materials. We currently have a 40 acre land parcel that consists of some of the cleanest gravel you have ever seen. It is a varied, diverse pit that will give your road base or pipe bedding material, depending on what project you are currently on. We also offer landscaping rock: large boulders, colored shell rock, flat and river rock, and all types of small rock that you can come pick up in your truck. Other products include top soil and screened gravel. You can come pick it up yourself, or have one of our employees load it for you. Prices are determined on situation and quantities for construction companies looking to lease.

Premier Hunting

Roche Ranches Inc. has some of the most premium hunts for Mule Deer in the western United States. We provide private guided/unguided hunts on over 25,000 acres at our Garland, UT properties. We also offer access for the purpose of big game hunting on our Chesterfield, ID properties and leases. We have rugged to calm terrain that will accommodate any level of hunter. Come book an experience of a lifetime on our unique landscape. Why pay up to thousands of dollars for hunts that claim trophies only, when you can go at your own pace and not be bothered by public hunters? For more information check our contact links below.


Roche Ranches Inc. participates in many recreational and worthwhile activities. We currently accommodate many events. We currently simulate and reenact the Mormon Pioneer handcart treks that the LDS pioneers endured during their strenuous journey from the eastern United States in the 19th century. Bookings are now available for church groups or other family reunions or activities.

Clean Energy

Roche Ranches Inc. believes that Clean Energy is good for our environment. One of the highlights of our properties is the fact that you can enjoy the landscape and the pollution free atmosphere. We at Roche Ranches know the importance of clean energy and how it benefits mother nature and our quality of life. We look forward to working with clean energy experts to bring one of the best clean energy solutions or our neck of the woods.